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Hack.lu 2013 - RoboAuth.exe Writeup (RE)

Oh boy, those crazy robots can’t catch a break! Now they’re even stealing our liquid gold from one of our beer tents! And on top of that they lock it behind some authentication system. Quick! Access it before they consume all of our precious beverage!

RobotAuth.exe is a Windows PE32 from the Hack.lu 2013, worth 150 points.

When launched, that prompts a banner and ask for a first password, which is consistent with the website asking for a flag under the form passwd1_passwd2. I find a string 'You passed level 1!', Xrefs to it, and I am in the function that prints the beginning of the text and reads the first user input (sub_401627).

By disassembling it in IDA, we can start understanding what’s going on. The function registers a handler with getModuleHandle and getProcAddress. The first password appears quickly after (r0b0RUlez!). It’s a simple strcmp that allows us to examine the strings addresses (and thus contents) at runtime.

Great, now the second password. By stepping in, we finally hit a trap debugger that, if passed to the program (meaning, not discarded by IDA), will allow us to jump to another function (sub_40157f) that will check for the second password. We then understand that the handler registered before was for that purpose.

So, the second function reads 20 other bytes from stdin, and just check if the first 8 of them match the 8 bytes beginning at an address on the stack, each of them being XORed with 2. So, by stepping in, I arrive to the 0x40155b: cmp dl, al, and just dump the 8 bytes.


I then XOR them with 2 and get the second pass w3lld0ne

Flag: r0b0RUlez!_w3lld0ne