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BkP 2013 - Space Game Writeup (RE)

This is an exercice from the Boston Key Party 2013 worth 250 points, starring a Nintendo ROM. I really like this kind of challenges, so I decided to give it a look.

The binary is a Nintendo DS ROM. I thus decide to give it a look with No$GBA:

The game asks for a special sequence of keys (left screen) and writes a message on the bottom screen if it is incorrect (right screen). Let’s find the sequence checker in IDA. The keys pressed are stored in an array (dword_2021464) and compared in sub_2000430() to some constant values:


This graph gives a pretty clear pseudocode

bool sequence_checker()
  bool result;

  result = 0;
  if ( *(_BYTE *)(dword_2021464 + 5) == 0x47
    && *(_BYTE *)(dword_2021464 + 2) == 0x56
    && *(_BYTE *)(dword_2021464 + 1) == 0x6e
    && *(_BYTE *)(dword_2021464 + 3) == 0x73
    && *(_BYTE *)dword_2021464 == 0x5a
    && *(_BYTE *)(dword_2021464 + 6) == 0x46 )
    result = (unsigned int)*(_BYTE *)(dword_2021464 + 4) - 0x62 <= 0;
  return result;

We then understand that the sequence is 7 keys long. Now, we need to find what these values correspond to. Let’s break at the top of the function that calls our checker (the one that prints the bottom messages, easily found thanks to the strings) at 0x200087c and see what values are in our array to determine each key. I input a serie of 7 keys and look at their key codes in $r2, which gives me:

> A     == 0x56
> B     == 0x62
> L     == 0x47
> R     == 0x46
> <--   == 0x5a
> -->   == 0x6e
> Start == 0x73

I thus input the good keys in the right order and get the flag:

<-- --> A Start B L R

Flag: thegamesux