I am P1kachu

Security, cars, playing with fire.

v0lt - Security CTF Toolkit

v0lt is an attempt to regroup every tool I used/use/will use in security CTF, Python style.

A lot of exercises were solved using bash scripts but Python may be more flexible, that’s why. Nothing to do with Gallopsled. It’s a toy toolkit, with small but specific utils only.

A lot of it has been taken from real exploits I used in CTF, and thus they have officially been tested. You can check it on its Github repo.

Demo: Shellcode

>>> from v0lt import *
>>> shellhack = ShellHack(4096, "bin","execve")
>>> shellhack.get_shellcodes(shellhack.keywords)

85: Linux/x86:setuid(0) & execve(/sbin/poweroff -f) - 47 bytes
86: Linux/x86:execve (/bin/sh) - 21 Bytes
87: Linux/x86:break chroot execve /bin/sh - 80 bytes
88: Linux/x86:execve(/bin/sh,0,0) - 21 bytes

Selection: 86
Your choice: http://shell-storm.org/shellcode/files/shellcode-752.php
Shellcode: "\x31\xc9\xf7\xe1\x51\x68\x2f\x2f\x73\x68\x68\x2f\x62[...]"

>>> nc.shellcat(shellhack.shellcode)
>>> padded_shellcode = shellhack.pad()